James Bagdonas, ASC

Director of Photography | Local 600



Van Wilder - Tapestry Films / Artisan

Director: Walt Becker - Producers: Peter Abrams, Robert Levy

Scenes of a Crime - Battlegrounds Productions II, Inc.

Director: Dominique Forma - Producers: Mark Frydman, Rod Lurie, Deborah Lee

Slackers - SCREEN Gems / Sony Pictures Entertainment

Director: Dewey Nicks - Producers: Neil Moritz, Eric Feig

Cruel Intentions II - Columbia-Tristar Pictures / Original Films

Director: Roger Rumble - Producers: Neil Moritz

American Heart

Director: Martin Bell— Producers: Cary Brokaw

*Independent Spirit Award Nominations for Best Cinematography



"Liberty Mutual" - Chon & Company NY

"Nynex" - Chon & Company NY

"Maxwell House” - Director: Martin Bell



Reboot (Pilot) 

Producer: Steve Levitan, Danielle Stokdyk, Jeff Morton

Big Shot  – 

Producer: David E Kelly, Bill D'Elia

Four Fathers (Pilot) – Disney+

Director: Kris Koch – Producer: Kenny Schwartz, Rick Wiener

Happy Accident (Pilot) - 20th Century Fox, ABC

Director: Kat Coiro - Producer: Jeff Morton

Dan the Weatherman (Pilot) - 20th Century Fox

Director: Seth Gordon - Producer: Jeff Morton

LA to Vegas (Series) - Gary Sanchez Productions, Steven Levitan Productions, 20th Century Fox

Director: Various - Producer: Will Ferrell, Steve Levitan, Jeff Morton

Don't Trust the B- in Apartment 23 (Series) - Hemingson Ent., 20th Century Fox, ABC

Director: Various - Producer: Nahnatchka Khan, David Hemingson, Jeff Morton

Prairie Dog (Pilot) - Director: Luke Greenfield

Producers: Jackie & Jeff Filgo, Kevin Slattery

Traffic Light (Pilot) - Director: Kris Koch

Producers: Bob Fisher, David Hemingson

Modern Family (Series) - Lloyd Levitan Prods. I 20th Century Fox / ABC

Producers: Steve Levitan, Chris Lloyd, Jeff Morton

*2002 ASC Nomination for Best Cinematography

Boston Legal (Series - Seasons 1 - 4) - David E. Kelly Prods. / 20th Century Fox / ABC

Directors: Various - Producers: David E. Kelly, Bill D'Elia, Rick Silverman

The Guardian (Series) - Columbia Tristar CBS

Directors: Various - Executive Producers: Mark Johnson, David Hollendar

The Agency (Series - Season 1) - CBS Production / Studios USA Television / CBS

Directors: Various (Series) - Executive Producers: Wolfgang Peterson, Rosemary Tarquino

Russo (Pilot) - CBS Productions

Director: Tim Van Patten - Producers: Jack Clements, Frank Renzuli

True Romance (MOW) - Hearst Entertainment I Lifetime Television

Director: Solace Mitchell - Producer: Chuck McLain

Chicago Hope (Series) - 20th Century Fox Television / CBS

Directors: Various - Producers: Jim Hart, Bill D'Elia

*1997,1998 &1999 Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Cinematography for a Series

*1996 & 1997 ASC Nomination for Best Cinematography

Brotherhood of Murder (MOW) - Dufferin Gate Prods. / Showtime

Director: Martin Bell - Producer: Rose Lam

Love Songs Trilogy (MOW) - Showtime

Directors: Lou Gosset Jr., Robert Townsend, Andre Braugher - Producer: Charles Fuller

In the Name of Love: A Texas Tragedy (MOW) - Westgate I Fox

Director: Bill D'Elia - Producer: Chuck McLain

Time Well Spent (Pilot)

Director: Bill D'Elia - Producer: Clyde Phillips

Hidden in America (MOW) - Citadel / Showtime

Director: Martin Bell - Producer: David Ginsberg

*Emmy Nomination for Best Cinematography / Golden Globe Nomination for Best Telefilm

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (Series) - Lorimar / ABC

Directors: Bob Butler, Gene Reynolds, Robert Singer, Mark Sobel, Randy Zisk Producers: Deborah Joy Levine

Dare to Love (MOW) - CBS

Director: Armand Mastroianni - Producer: Jeff Morton

Deader Than Ever (MOW) - CBS

Director: Armand Mastroianni - Producer: Jeff Morton

Renegade (Pilot & 6 Episodes) - USA Cable

Producer: Stu Segal

Hunter (Series) - NBC

Directors: Various - Producers: Steven J. Cannel, Joe Swerling Jr., Pauli Waigner, Matt Herman

*1990 ASC Cinematography Nomination - One Hour Episodic "Hunter"

*1990 Bronze Medal, NY Film Festival - One Hour Episodic "Hunter"

Conagher (MOW) - TNT

Director: Rey Villalobos - Producer: John Kurl



Modern Family:

20 Episodes

Boston Legal:

7 Episodes

The Guardian:

Producer: David Hollander - "Swimming"

Chicago Hope:

"The Son Also Rises", "On Golden Pond", "McNeil & Prey", and "Kiss of Death"

Lois and Clark:

"Superman", "Tempus Fugitive", "Metallo", "Barbarians at the Planet", and “Forget Me Not"

Silk Stockings:

Producers: Steven Cannell, Stu Segal - "Meat Market"


Producers: Steven Cannell, Stu Segal - “Partners" and "The Hot Tip"




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